Married Couples
Marriage is a relationship that requires hard work and patience, it takes sacrifice. Many times it requires sweat and diligence.  Make it your goal to always keep growing spiritually and growing in your emotional maturity. None of us have arrived. We all have a lot of growing to do. Don’t ever forget to keep growing.  Focus on your growth, pray for your spouse’s growth, and leave it to the Lord to bring it to pass. Dr. Neil Clark Warren says, do not “become so weighed down by your flaws that you can’t take steps forward. Lighten up a little, give yourself a break, and refuse to be dominated by your problems- then watch as your relationship gains momentum in a positive directions.” Our married couples group is focused on growing as individuals and growing as a couples in Christ. We strive to coordinate activities, fellowships, retreats and seminars to facilitate God’s perfect will for our marriages.  Even though marriage is one of the most important institutions, it is the one which is under the most attack.  Whether you have been married for two days or twenty years, the married couples group of POB is for you. We offer a thriving Married Couples Ministry run by Sis. Debbie Bannis-Martin, that aid our married couples in keeping things fresh and new. Whether it is taking an unforgettable cruise to Nova Scotia on the Soctia Prince or lazily watching the waves go by on a ferry as we wisk away to “The Vineyard” for the weekend. Having a nice dinner at a swanky restaurant with a view of the Boston Skyline, or having a catered meal in a private cab on Ye Olde Cape Train, Sis Debbie always has something exciting planned for you.